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Our relationship with Amsoil came around in a personal manner. Erik Rud, the owner of Big Thompson Diesel and Automotive, used to race motocross professionally in Colorado. The sport would have him out riding his dirt bike every single weekend for several years. Needless to say this type of riding was very hard on his bike and he constantly had to replace the engine. One year, he actually had to replace the engine 7 different times.

     Looking for answers, he began paying very close attention to the oil in his bike after a hard riding weekend. He could tell that the oil looked and smelled burnt regardless of what type he tried. He tried many different kinds of oils from the cheap OEM oils to expensive oils costing up to $22 per quart. He experimented with changing oil change intervals and even had it down to the number of hours of engine run time the oil was good for. 

     One day at the track, an Amsoil dealer caught his attention and gave him 2 free quarts of oil to try in his dirt bike. He changed his oil and used the Amsoil instead and noticed the tarnished burnt look did not occur. After 2 rides, he changed the oil again and after 5 weekends, the oil still did not look burnt. After his free supply ran out, he used the other oil he was using before and immediately blew up the engine his next ride.

     He immediately signed up to be an Amsoil preferred customer at that time and put only Amsoil products in the bike and hasn’t had to put a new engine in it since. That was in 2004 and that engine lasted until 2008 and won a few state championships. He decided to tear it down in disbeliefe the engine had lasted that long. He has replaced bad gaskets on the engine so has had it completely apart and has noticed that the piston looked like new, the clutches were not worn and the gears looked great.

Needless to say, Erik was completely sold on the quality of Amsoil at that point and has since signed up to be a dealer.

     Fast forward to starting BTDAA. We knew immediately Amsoil would be the oil of choice in the shop for all customer vehicles. Over the years we have seen Amsoil cure many issues that tend to plague engines. For example V10 fords tend to drink a lot of oil. When er changed a fleet of vehicles over to Amsoil within 2 oil changes every v10 engine in the fleet quit burning oil. 

     More proof. We have a government fleet that has a lot of 6.7 powerstroke engines. since the trucks were new they had extreme turbo failures repeatedly. Having turbos replaced up to 6 times under factory warranty before we had the chance to replace them. This particular fleet believed in cheap oil and changing it at 8000 mi intervals. on a couple vehicles we decided to convert them to Amsoil and see if it was the difference. These 2 trucks are still on the road years later and have had no new turbo failures. 

     Fuel treatments. One thing Erik had often overlooked was regular diesel fuel treatments.  Having tried every sort of snake oil the industry had to offer he had never seen a difference in his personal vehicles. No matter the brand or the vehicle no fuel treatments seemed to do as advertised. One day Amsoil came out with their new Diesel fuel treatment. He threw the recommended amount in his truck and forgot about it. About a week later when pulling a camper trailer over the mountains he noticed the engine was running very smooth. It was not smoking like it usually did, Overall it felt like a different vehicle. Having forgot about the additive he put in the tank he stopped and filled up with fuel. About 20 miles down the road the truck started sounding like its old self. Smoky, clattery and sluggish. Now he was intrigued and days later while sitting on the side of a mountain it came to him. He had put fuel treatment from Amsoil in his truck and still has the rest of the bottle under the seat. So driving back home he stopped at the same fuel station to eliminate any uncertainties in fuel quality, added the Amsoil fuel treatment and headed home. Wow!!!. 20 miles later the truck was once again smooth, quiet, responsive and powerful. Sold. Now Amsoil fuel treatment is in every tankful of his vehicles and highly recommended in your diesel vehicle

     More fuel treatment testimony. One really cold winter day -15* Erik started his truck and had not thought much about the cold weather. Sure diesels should not start when cold, Sure diesel fuel gels up, No worries. Amsoil had it working perfectly. Erik stopped in a local parts store and there were 10 people standing in front of him. Each with the same story. The parts house brand Diesel fuel anti gel had failed. All of these trucks were gelled up. Got to the shop that day and the phones were on fire. Every truck that did not have Amsoil winter blend with anti-gel was gelled up. Oddly all of our customers that had Amsoil in their trucks were fine the next day. Coincidence?  No. This happens year after year. 

     After all of the success stories Amsoil has been a part of over the years and many more success stories not listed here, Why do you not have Amsoil in your vehicle yet. We encourage all customers to use Amsoil in their vehicles and we use it in every one of ours. Generally Amsoil has a significantly longer life than other products so while the initial cost may be more than a standard oil change, you will generally only need to change your oil 1/3 as often so it is a huge cost savings.

If we trust Amsoil to keep our motocross bikes, cars, trucks, and even yard equipment running as hard as they do, imagine what it could do for you and for your vehicle.

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