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Carbon, carbon, carbon!!!

Carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon. Wow! this is killing modern diesel engines. There are two things that cause carbon to form faster than anything. Idling your truck for more than to just warm it up and lots of really short trips.  Your engine needs to get up to temp and stay at a steady state driving speed of over 50mph for at least 20 minutes. If you don't do that you are killing your diesel engine. Anything built after 2008 should never be used for short trips and taking the kids to the park. You should have a trailer hooked to your truck and use it like a truck.


That said, we know the world is not perfect.  We have solutions for you. Our BG de-carbon service combined with our turbo cleaning process can save you some expensive rear down and make your truck feel new again. Do not wait until it is causing issues. If you know you don't drive it like you should you probably should have us de-carbon the engine every 30000 miles. If you drive it mostly like you should but slip occasionally, you probably want to de-carbon around 60000 mile intervals. If you hook a trailer to the truck and drive 60+ mph all day you should still have a de-carbon done but could go to about 100-120k miles first.

Carbon forms in the intake because of lack of air flow. When the turbo is not spooled up, the airflow in your engine is slowing down and that is when most manufacturers open the EGR wide open. It is breathing very dirty air and has not got enough volume to push it through the engine so it starts to build up and eat away at the airflow passages. Call us and get on the schedule for a spa day for your truck. You will not be disappointed, and your truck will love you for it.


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